Nigeria-American Institute for Mental Health Ltd/Gte

The Nigeria-American Institute for Mental Health (NAIMH) is a nonprofit organization (NGO) devoted to helping with the development of mental healthcare in Nigeria.  

The NAIMH was incorporated by Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission in May 2022. It is an NGO limited by guarantee. The Institute is committed to the development of manpower and programs of education, research, and other activities for the expansion of mental healthcare in Nigeria. The Institute sponsors educational and enlightenment programs, including seminars, workshops, etc., as a component of its role in the expansion of the mental health workforce and services in Nigeria.

The impetus for the creation of the NAIMH is that the need for mental health services and psychoeducation in Nigeria surpasses available resources. The NAIMH aims to illuminate this disparity and forge partnerships with individuals, organizations, and agencies to create a viable path of support, through education and increased availability of effective professionals who are skilled in the field of mental health.  We are committed to creating programs and services to address issues of mental illness, the dismantling of stigma around mental health and the general psychological wellbeing of Nigerians. 

The NAIMH is sponsored by the United States-based Nigerian Mental Health Practitioners USA Inc. (NMHPUSA). It functions as the vehicle for the work of the NMHPUSA in Nigeria. All operations of the NMHPUSA in Nigeria emanate from this Institute.

The Nigerian Mental Health Practitioners USA Inc. ( was incorporated in 2018, in the State of New Jersey, USA, as a non-profit organization. It is classified by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 501(c)(3) public charity. The organization is comprised of a group of Nigerians who actively practice mental health care in the United States.  This group includes psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and other mental health counselors.